Rook Salad Removed From Menu

23 Aug


The Taverners Gastropub which is situated on the Isle of Wight has removed “Rook Salad” from its menu after receiving advice from police.

The man who supplied the Rook meat was arrested and cautioned on suspicion of breaking the Wildlife and Countryside act.

“We would not want to encourage their [rooks'] killing, purely to supply a demand for human consumption and trade” said a spokesperson for Natural England.

Police found that the arrested man had been shooting fledgling rooks and then illegally selling the meat to a wholesaler who provided the Isle of Wight based gastropub.

The Taverners manager, Roger Serjant said that thirty cuts of rook had been on the pubs specials menu and had sold out. “From our part, they were bought in good faith. Obviously we won’t be selling it again,” he said.

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